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Glasses Chain – Dainty Moss Agate Stone Fine Chain

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Dainty Moss Agate Stone Fine Chain. Wear with sunglasses, as glasses holder and necklace. Perfect gift for her.

Add a touch of glamour to any pair of glasses with this chunky acrylic glasses chain, thanks to the added benefit of its necklace–like look.

They’re the perfect glasses holder and statement piece, so you won’t lose your frames or sunglasses again!

– they weigh 44g
– approx. 72cm long (28.5 inches) including the connectors

– gold-plated chain
– silicone connector end loops

Moss agate is revered not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its purported emotional and metaphysical benefits. It is believed to be a stone of equilibrium, offering emotional balance and helping to stabilize those who grapple with intense emotions. Its tranquil essence is said to provide calm, drawing wearers closer to nature and imparting patience in the fast-paced chaos of modern life. Agriculturally, it has a historical reputation for encouraging plant growth and ensuring fruitful harvests, making it a talisman of prosperity for gardeners and farmers.

In Britain during the 18th century, it was also considered a stone of good fortune. Furthermore, moss agate is thought to be conducive to fostering new friendships and enhancing social connections, which is particularly appreciated by individuals looking to strengthen their communal ties.

KODES are statement jewellery pieces, handmade in Tottenham, North London, by Morena Fiore since 2015