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Five steps to a hustling, bustling craft fair stall

Five steps to a hustling, bustling craft fair stall

Craft fairs – be honest, do you simply pop out your products and hope that they sell themselves? We need to let you in on a secret – the science of stall styling is as much an art form as the creation of your crafts themselves. Allow us to lead you through it (step by simple step).


The Basics

Before you take the plunge and book a space

Before you even begin to think about props, staging and interacting, you need to spend plenty of time in picking the right crafts fair. Ask yourself – will the other exhibitors complement your crafts, or will there be many directly competing stalls? Take stock of the average price ranges, the quality of goods and whether the stalls of the fair in general targets any particular visitor.

Kraft Space Pro Tip: When attending fairs be sure to speak to the exhibitors about how they find the event and whether they would recommend any other fairs.


Make your stall browse-ready

There are a few golden rules for a shopper-friendly stall…

  • Place small items at the front, and the larger ones at the back
  • Use different sized boxes to add both height and interest to your display
  • Test and trial different fabrics and textures to complement your creations
  • Add interest with props that align with your branding (but choose them wisely – one or two per table space should be more than enough)

Test out a few layouts at home, and when you get it right, take a pic on your phone to ensure you can recreate it on the day.

Photo credit: Shop Missella


Kraft Space Pro Tip: Remember – those exploring the bright and bold corridors of a crafts fair are there for handcrafted goods – not for cheap buys and bargains. So consider how you can create a display that showcases the quality and craftsmanship of your creations (and never under-price your goods – even after a slow morning). That said, visitors will have differing budgets, so be sure to offer a good array of products that span many price points.



Think of your stand as your shop window to the world

Your stall styling MUST grab attention and gravitate footfall. Central to which should be strong branding.

Here are two pointers you need to think about before you move onwards to step two.

  • Nail down your brand – A brand should communicate your signature style and values – are you rustic, are your goods luxury? Have you used ethically sourced materials?
  • Communicate your concepts – What are the ideas and inspiration behind them? Could you create mood boards to illustrate the development of your ideas?

Kraft Space Pro Tip: Every last detail should be selected and styled with the above in mind – from the font of your pricing labels to the backdrop props you use.

Photo credit: Fawn and Rose


Be a Subtle Sales Person

Upselling and cross-selling

When arranging your items and interacting with clients, always consider which items pair well together, and think about offering group buys for those who purchase a collection of complementary products.


Run a giveaway and grab contact details for future marketing

Craft fair visitors LOVE a good giveaway, and will quite happily leave their details with you for a prize draw (just be sure to pick a suitable prize and place it alongside a good-sized sign).

Kraft Space Pro Tip: You should be aware that the rules around personal data for marketing are pretty strict. So you should create printed giveaway entry sheets that provide the option of being contacted in the future (a simple checkbox will do).


Engaging and Interacting

Be your brand

You are just as important as the staging of your craft stall – so smile, put your smartphone away and be set and ready to talk about your creations.

Kraft Space Pro Tip: Be actively creating and showing off your craft as people pass by. It’s a great conversation starter! You could even set up some simple tasks for visitors to try their hand at your craft there and then.


Refreshments, anyone?

Nothing says “come on in and let’s talk” better than a few well-chosen foodstuffs and a refreshing drink (and serving up refreshments needn’t be expensive either). Something as simple as freshly squeezed OJ and croissants can be a real draw (and a welcome energiser, come the afternoon slump!).


Don’t just sell – show and teach

Craft fairs aren’t just about making the sale there and then. They’re also about forging connections, sharing your passion and teaching others your craft. Make the most of it, by providing printed learner guides to those who want to try your craft themselves.

Kraft Space Pro Tip: Make it easy, ensure your voice shines through and include your social links too. You might even want to pop a few purchasable entry-level upgrade kits close by for their craft tutorial.