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5 Easy Steps to Boosting your Business Online

5 Easy Steps to Boosting your Business Online

Here at Kraft Space we understand how much hard work makers and crafters put into their businesses. Your lovingly handcrafted pieces take up much of your time and sometimes it’s easy for things like social media or online admin to slip.

But don’t worry, we’ve compiled 5 simple and effective ways to boost your business online here in one handy guide.

By applying these steps to your online presence, you will find your reach, engagement and sales pick up momentum. And you won’t need to take any complicated or expensive courses to start getting results.

1. Be seen regularly

You’re more likely to say hello to a neighbour you see everyday than a stranger on the street you’re seeing for the first time. The same goes for business online, familiarity with brands leads to higher engagement (that’s your likes and comments).

The best way to get on people’s radars is really simple; post regularly on social media! It doesn’t even have to be everyday, every other day is great exposure. You just need to be seen. And remember to cover your platforms too, this way when you schedule posts every day on each platform, you’ll still be appearing online every day. Soon you’ll be a friendly familiar neighbourhood face to say hello to.

2. Know your hash tags

So you’ve planned brilliant well thought out content across your social media platforms. But then what? Who will really see these posts? Realistically, just your followers, maybe a few of their friends.

This is where the importance of hash tags comes in. Hash tags allow users searching or following a certain word or phrase to discover relevant posts. Using the right ones can really boost your business by increasing your reach and likelihood of being discovered.

2-3 hash tags per post is the sweet spot on Twitter and Facebook. For Instagram, it’s more the merrier with up to 30 allowed on each post. You also need to vary them a little from post to post or the platform may flag it as spammy.

TOP TIP: Keep a list on your computer or phone of all your relevant hash tags variations. So they’re on hand quickly to grab without having to type out each time.

Keep up to date with new hash tags by looking at what similar brands or people from your industry are posting.

3. Bring forward the behind-the-scenes

People like to buy from people. Your audience want to get to know YOU and your journey. It makes them feel more invested in the product they’re considering buying.

Keep your fans engaged and up to date with behind the scenes snapshots of your creative or production process. Show them where you work (desk shots are a big Insta hit) and show off events you’re attending. It’s a great way to create genuine social content too and perfect for quick share platforms like Instagram stories or Snapchat.

According to sprout video content gets 38% more engagement than posts. So instead of automatically opening your phone camera to photo mode, capture short video footage instead and see your engagement rise.

4. Be your own hype man

Never be afraid to shout about your stock. Last few items left of a range? Then tell your followers how many are left and how long they’ve got to nab them before it sells out. If you have a new range coming out, do an online countdown. For example; “Just 5 days to go for summer releases”. You can also set up pre-orders to get a sense of momentum going as it gives your audience the impression that the product may sell out if they leave it to late.

5. Build your credibility

Is there anything more valuable than a recommendation or a good review? Try to encourage your buyers to give you feedback at every opportunity. On your website, after a sale, in the comments. Share the best feedback loud and proud beside products on your site or social posts. Get customers to share photos of their purchases on social and make sure you repost every single one possible. Customers love to be recognised by brands online and it’s an easy way to build and boost your community online. Share the love and get re-posting.

It’s as simple as that. Apply these 5 steps to boost your online strategy and give yourself more time to spend on your craft.